Peer Review Policy


1. All articles submitted to the journal undergo a rigorous editorial review and double-blind peer review process. Each manuscript is evaluated by at least two subject expert reviewers, selected based on their expertise and relevance to the manuscript's topic. Reviewers provide objective feedback on the quality of content, literature review, research methodology, discussion, arguments, and conclusion. This multi-reviewer approach ensures a comprehensive evaluation of manuscripts from diverse perspectives and enhances the quality and validity of published research.
2. All manuscripts are reviewed fairly based on the intellectual content of the paper, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, citizenry, political values, age, disability, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status of the author(s).
3. Any observed conflict of interest during the review process must be promptly communicated to the Editor. Reviewers are expected to disclose any potential conflicts of interest and, if necessary, recuse themselves from reviewing manuscripts where a conflict exists.
4. All information about the manuscript, including reviewer comments and editorial decisions, is kept confidential. Reviewers are anonymous to the authors, and any communication regarding the manuscript is conducted through the Editor to maintain confidentiality and fairness in the review process.

We are disclosing here review parameters so that authors can understand the review process and its efficiency.

Editorial Flow of a Manuscript

Each manuscript passes through the following reviews and corrections after submission till final publication.
1. Internal Editorial Review: In the first step, one section editor will evaluate the manuscript based on (i) Suitability with the focus and scope of the journal and (ii) Manuscript structure as mentioned in author guidelines.
2. External Peer Review: The manuscript accepted in step 1 is sent to one subject expert for their comments and suggestions per the review parameters and policy mentioned above.
3. Revisions advise to authors: The manuscript that is accepted in step 2 will receive (i) Language correction advice, (ii) a Peer-reviewed article file, (iii) a Turnitin report (if it has issues), (iv) a Journal template, and (v) Editorial advice.
4. Final acceptance: After we receive the revised manuscript, the editor will evaluate the revised version, make the final decision, and communicate with the author. Authors may be asked to do a re-revision if necessary to fit the journal’s quality standards.
5. In the final publication stage, the author will again receive a blueprint of the final galley for proofreading. After this manuscript is published and authors are informed by e-mail.
6. After publication, manuscripts are open to post-publication peer review and ongoing feedback from the scholarly community. Authors are encouraged to engage with readers' comments and provide clarifications or updates as needed to ensure the accuracy and relevance of published content.

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